Affordable, fully managed WordPress hosting tailored for Australian businesses

All plans include robust security measures, proactive maintenance, reliable transactional email, and exceptional uptime. Enjoy peace of mind with features like VPS containerised hosting, regular manual updates, and comprehensive backups, ensuring your website remains secure, up-to-date, and always available.

Need to discuss unique hosting requirements not covered by our plans below? Our enterprise server hosting plan might be just what you're looking for.

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Discover why our top-tier hosting plans are the best choice for business owners seeking both affordability and quality. Experience unparalleled performance and security without breaking the bank.

*All prices are in AUD and are shown exclusive of GST.Preserve

$60 p/m

$660 p/y (1 month free)

Suitable for small personal or business websites of anywhere from 1 to 10 pages.


$75 p/m

$825 p/y (1 month free)

Suitable for medium size business websites of 10 to 20 pages in size.


$90 p/m

$990 p/y (1 month free)

Suitable for larger dynamic business websites needing more demanding resources.


$140 p/m

$1540 p/y (1 month free)

Suitable for e-commerce or LMS websites requiring advanced security.

Website tasks
Allocated tasks2 x 15 minute web tasks p/m2 x 15 minute web tasks p/m3 x 15 minute web tasks p/m2 x 30 minute web tasks p/m
Vulnerability scanning & virtual patching-
VPS containerised hosting
Twice daily server security update checks
Web application firewall
Malware scanning
SSL certificate
DDOS protection
2FA, session and login protection---
Backups and redundancy
Server-side backupsWeeklyTwice weeklyDailyHourly
Off-site cloud backupsWeeklyTwice weeklyDailyHourly
Second cloud backup location-
Backup retention60 days90 days180 days360 days
Regular manual updates to core, theme and plugins
Staging development server
Proactive update management
SMTP server
Dedicated SMTP server
Reliable transactional email
Custom email domain support
Email deliverability monitoring
Uptime monitoring
99.9% uptime
Rapid incident response
Dedicated uptime page--
Incident email alerts--
Analytics dashboard
Custom analytics dashboard--
View traffic data for pages and products--
UTM and goal metrics--
Accurate realtime metrics--
Email summary reports--

Some of our favourite features explained

Learn why our hosting stands out with these premium features

  • Monthly website tasks

    Each plan has allocated monthly website tasks we perform upon request. As an example, these could be any like the following:

    • Change images on a page
    • Add an image gallery
    • Post a blog article
    • Change details on header or foooter
    • Change text on a page
  • VPS containerised hosting

    Your website is fully isolated at the server level from other sites. If another site is compromised, your website remains secure.

    • Unique system user for each site
    • Website completely isolated
    • Issues on one site don't affect others
    • Contained SFTP access to your site
    • Monitor system resource usage
  • Vulnerability patching

    Staring from the Protect plan and higher, we scan your website for vulnerabilities and apply patching to keep your website and plugins secure.

    • Powered by Patchstack
    • 7000+ vPatches available
    • Realtime vulnerability detection
    • Instantly fix vulnerable plugins
    • Multiple website hardening features
  • Backups and redundancy

    Choose plans with multiple options for backups, locations and retentions. Backups are instantly restorable within minutes should it be required.

    • Server-level backups
    • Off-site cloud backup locations
    • Choose Australian or overseas locations
    • Minimum 2 months retention period
    • Instant backup restore upon request
  • Staging server

    All our hosted website are allocated a staging environment for development work making it easy to push changes live or live to staging when needed.

    • Test updates in a secure environment
    • Push live to staging or staging to live
    • Staging backups activated
    • Included in all our plans
    • Professional website update workflow
  • Proactive update management

    A human being will manage all your websiites core, theme and plugin updates with care and forethought. We don't do thoughtless automatic updates.

    • Prompt updates to all plugins requring security patches
    • Update monitoring to ensure no conflicts
    • Keeps your website secure and functioonal

We will respond within 1 hour to your support requests

During business hours, all support requests made to our email will be responded to within 1 hour of being received. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with local support, ensuring you never have to wait days for a reply to your emails – its one of the many things our existing clients love about us.

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