Website base price

$1500 + GST

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Get a Landing page web design custom built for your business

Suitable for digital marketing designed to convert visitors into leads or customers. The sole purpose of a single landing page is to focus the visitor’s attention on a specific action, such as signing up for a newsletter, downloading an e-book, or making a purchase. Unlike other web pages, a landing page is highly targeted, often used in conjunction with advertising campaigns (Pay Per Click), email marketing, or social media promotions. By minimizing distractions and emphasizing a clear call to action, a well-crafted landing page can significantly enhance conversion rates and drive business growth.

Included features

  • Up to 10 sections

  • Lead capture form

  • Integration of lead capture form with 3rd party apps

  • Integration with analytics

  • Semantic HTML

  • Meets accessibility standards

Optional features

You can customise this website package by selecting the following optional features.

Discovery phase

$750 + GST (paid upfront)

This discovery phase takes place before the design and build of your website commences and is crucial to determine the following:

  • Current State Analysis: Understand what you have and the key goals for your websites.
  • Client Understanding: Build a list of client personas. Identify search keywords, including long-tail keywords.
  • Competitor Analysis: Identify strengths and weaknesses of competitors, how they meet your ideal clients’ needs and identify ways we can do better.

Pre-approved UI/UX design

$50-$500 + GST per page (paid upfront)

This phase is essential if you want to see and approve the design of your website before we build it. If you trust our ability to produce a high-quality design/build that we believe will match your brand, you may choose to skip this step. 

The cost of page design depends on the number of sections and whether they are low fidelity (wireframe) or high fidelity (detailed design). We recommend designing the homepage and 1-2 other key pages in high fidelity, as the remaining pages can inherit their styling. High fidelity designs are always based on low fidelity wireframes.

This phase delivers: 

  • Low fidelity Figma designs of unique pages and single templates
  • High fidelity Figma designs of chosen pages 

Ongoing SEO and content publishing

$800 + GST per month (minimum 6 months commitment)

This phase is only necessary if you want to monitor your search engine rankings and improve them over time.

Our SEO services include: 

  • On-page SEO
    • Content optimisation
    • Title & meta descriptions
    • Internal linking
    • Image optimisation
  • Technical SEO
    • Page speed optimisation
    • Submitting and monitoring sites to Bing and Google
    • Implementing structured data where relevant
  • Off-page SEO
    • Backlink building
    • Local citations
    • Customer reviews
  • Analytics & reporting
    • Track organic rankings
    • Monitor traffic/user behaviour/conversion rates
    • Report on keyword/page rankings
  • Content publishing
    • This will follow through with initial sitemap implementation and ongoing development of content strategy
    • Enhance user engagement